20 March

At long last a long anticipated journey to see my beloved cousin Lady Georgiana Sully for a week has come upon me and I admit I can hardly contain myself.  I have so longed to see her and so dearly missed her, it has quite near broken my heart. 

I hate to travel but the rewards for the end of this journey will be completely worth the trials.  I suspect I shall have much to write on whilst I am there; if I am lucky enough to find time to do it.

She has promised to introduce me to quite a large number of her acquaintance and I am quite intimidated by the notion..But I am in her good caring hands and I know she will not expose me to company not worth keeping.

I hope Mr. Hegwood can bear to have Mrs. Hegwood solely to himself, I will not scruple in confessing glad to be rid of her for some time.  Lady Sulley will be graciously taking on some of the planning for  my wedding clothes and her taste is certainly more to mine than anyone else aside from my dear Mrs. Cooper or Ms. Tattman.

Away am I to sleep, for before dawn, I depart!

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