12, July

A brand new blank book in which to record the summer is precisely what The Doctor ordered; even more so considering it was a gift from him for my avid use.  It was given at just the right time – before he left to attend his naval compatriots far, far to the north in Canada for whatever duty was required, and I think somewhere he knew how much I would miss him – he gave no definitive time of his return.

I was prepared for an incredibly dull summer, full of empty hours and listless wandering about the estate, but my luck would have it I received, approximately a week after the Doctor’s departure, a letter from Mr. and Mrs. Tumbusch of Wyndhaven Manor in Ohio inviting me to travel with them into Canada as Mr. Tumbusch had some manner of business to attend, and Mrs. Tumbusch, knowing I was destined to be quite bored unless something drastic happened insisted upon inviting me.  With all haste I dispatched a heartfelt thanks and acceptance of their kind invitation, and proceeded to beg Mr. Hegwood for new things which of course he acquiesced to, claiming he had not spent nearly enough money in recent days, and found himself with a surplus he had no clue what to do with.  A new gown was ordered with instructions to have it finished in all haste, and some new life was given to a favorite spencer, a new hat was purchased and new shawls.   I could very easily get away with wearing slightly aged favorites for I would move in circles of society I did not yet know.

Mr. Hegwood arranged that I would attend himself and Mrs. Hegwood who were going north into Ohio for a pleasure tour as they had not yet been to explore that region, and Mr. Hegwood desired to purchase some new land in what he was told was a fertile land; and he would deposit me in the care of the Tumbusches. 
I made the mistake of thinking the travel from our plantation to Wyndhaven Manor was tiresome and dull.  The travel from Ohio into Upper Canada was nigh unto unbearable.  Two weeks of travel with very full days in a bouncy rough carriage was nearly torture! It was far too bouncy to even attempt to write or sketch, so my time was spent looking out of the window.  Once we entered into civilized territory (for we had to travel far to the east to travel northwards for safety) things became a little more enjoyable.  I had forgotten what the east coast was like, for the only other time I traveled it was when we moved from New York into Nashville.  It was very refreshing to see such fashion and bustle of a city which I found I have missed from England.  

At long last we arrived at our destination; hot harried and completely exhausted.  It took some time before our camp was assembled, but when completed it created a very homey place in which we would spend a few days.

There was so much to see and do whilst in York.  Mr. and Mrs. Tumbusch were very good to take me about and show me all there was to see in the town, which was very charming and quaint.  I was very much in need of distraction, for I had lost the count of weeks it had been since last I saw the Doctor.  We spent a good deal of money, ate at some very charming public houses, and toured wineries the likes I had never seen.  Outside of the town proper crops extended as far as the eye could see a proverbial ocean of green.  Before I knew it, Friday had come to a close, and I sat outside of the tent at my desk, looking out at the fort up the hill from where we were, watching soldiers mill about, my mind miles and miles away unable to put pen to paper.  The beauty surrounding me set my mind to far-away places and fond memories.  The growing darkness and chill in the air sent me finally to bed, where I rested rather peacefully with Bingley, the little dog, lovingly by my side.

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